Goddess Farrah – Low-End Sugardaddie

Goddess Farrah - Low-End Sugardaddie

Goddess Farrah - Low-End Sugardaddie

Goddess Farrah - Low-End Sugardaddie

O...M...G...You want to be my sugar daddy but you can only afford $1000 a month?? LOL! That is like SERIOUSLY not enough to be seen in public with you, let alone SLEEP with you! OMG no F-ing WAY! Tell you what though, for $1000 a month I will let you be around me. But just to work for me, basically. You can be like my "personal assistant"- except YOU will be paying ME hourly just to LET you work for me! But at least that will allow you to be AROUND me and in MY presence- which you should be grateful for! And for the kind of money you are giving me, I will treat you basically pretty much like a SLAVE if I feel like it. And just a warning- I can be kind of a bitch toward losers that I see as "beneath me" because they can't afford me- which DEFINITELY applies to YOU.
Let's see, what could I use you for....you can clean my apartment (especially the toilets- yuk!) you can drive me around and be my chauffeur, shine my shoes, you can detail my car and run my errands, oh and you can pay me to just to drive me to go meet my REAL sugar daddies for dates! Yeah, I think for ONLY paying me $1000 a month you should consider yourself lucky I even let you do that kind of stuff for me.
And if you are REALLY good ALLL month long and do EVERYTHING I say and put up with everything no matter HOW bad I treat you (even in front of my friends who I am for SURE gonna tell about you!) at the end of the month I will ALLOW you to literally grovel at my feet, shower them with kisses and THANK ME for letting you work for me!

Goddess Farrah - Low-End Sugardaddie

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