A Lesson In Obediance

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here A Lesson In Obediance

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non prescription phentermine online Alexis knows that you are a pathetic loser. She has enjoyed watching your demise from part-time submissive, to full-time humiliation junkie! But today's task, is a lesson in control and a lesson in obedience... Alexis starts by allowing you the honour of licking the grime off the soles of her boots. As your tongue slithers up the cold, dirty sole, you feel ashamed but completely aroused. Your shame worsens as she smiles and orders you to passionately suck the heel, as if you were sucking on another man's cock. You are just getting into your boot duties, when she decides to unzip them both and reveal her hot and SWEATY soles. You just want to dive in and bury your nose deep between her toes, but are told to sit and wait... patiently. http://scooppdx.com/?xcv=axcion-phentermine-drug-test&9b2=fb BOOT FETISH, FOOT FETISH, FEMDOM POV

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