GcupBitch – Accept Loserdom

GcupBitch - Accept Loserdom

GcupBitch - Accept Loserdom

I know what a loser you are, even though you try so hard to deny it, putting up a front and claiming that you're really a normal guy who just happens to have some "fetishes". But deep down, somewhere in the dark recesses of your mind, you KNOW you're just a born loser, and I'm here to make you embrace it!

Like a twisted Femdom sexual psychiatrist, I take you on a teasing, humiliating, yet ultimately freeing journey into Acceptance of your loserdom, by teasing you, showing you how admitting it for Me makes your wank-stick throb, and how finally, as I make you repeat My phrase over and over while counting you down to cum, how GOOD it feels to Accept who you truly are. I know this is going to make you feel SO much better in the end, so get it, watch it, follow and love it!

Cock tease, cum countdown, JOI masturbatrix, masturbation instructions, humiliation, lingerie, redhead, eye glasses, big tits, cleavage, ass worship

GcupBitch - Accept Loserdom

Type: mp4
Size: 108MB
Run Time: 00 : 07 : 31
Resolution: 960 x 540

GcupBitch - Accept Loserdom

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