Financially Fucked On Poppers

Financially Fucked On Poppers

Goddess Penny - Financially Fucked On Poppers

Financially Fucked On Poppers

You will need your bottle of (Alkyl Nitrates) and your credit card to hand. Any dignity you did have will need to be left at the door. Princess Penny will completely take over your mind, wallet and dick. You will stroke, sniff and pay on her command.
Princess Penny tease you into an oblivion, gets you hard and gets you high. She manipulates and controls you all whilst draining your wallet hard. Can you handle the ultimate tease, her powerful manipulative ways? You are already a weak willed loser when in her presence but along with the Nitrates making your head fuzzy you will enter new levels of submission. Penny overpowers your mind, breaking you down with each inhale. She edges you into intoxication. Intoxicating your mind and draining your wallet.
Inhale, stroke and pay Piggy!

Financially Fucked On Poppers

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