Addicted like the good boy you are

Addicted like the good boy you are

Sasha Mizaree - Addicted like the good boy you are

Addicted like the good boy you are

It's true that I'm an expert at seduction but you're almost too easy. Your lust betrays you, your cock makes you into the gullible easily manipulated puppet that you are for me. Then again, I should give myself more credit than that. It's me who you crave, it's me who you can't get out of your mind. Maybe it's not YOU that's easy but me who is just that irresistible. That would explain why I find all men, including you, so easy to manipulate. I don't feel bad about it, the power trip is fun and at the end of the day my own needs trump those of men. You are a good boy, aren't you? Buy this clip, add to my growing wealth and stroke your cock into obsession.
Cock Tease, Femdom POV
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Addicted like the good boy you are

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