Addicted To Lucyanne

Addicted To Lucyanne

Princess Lucyanne - Addicted To Lucyanne

Addicted To Lucyanne

You just cannot resist Princess Lucyanne. There is something so humiliating, so addictive about serving a young, bitchy, bratty princess like Lucyanne. She may be new to the Domme scene and she may not be as nasty as some of the other Dommes but already her army of perverts is amassing, falling over themselves to worship and spoil her. Some are rich, some are poor but they are all completely addicted! The sight of her firm, YOUNG ASS, nice toned long legs and NICE SMALL BOOBS have you falling to your knees willingly, HYPNOTISED by her beauty. ''You can;t stop thinking about my hot body. You think about this ass. You want to worship this ass! I wan't you to! You will do anything for me... I deserve it.'' Without question or thought you will fall to your knees and worship your new Goddess, your new addiction and before you know it you will join the ranks of her fallen ''Your addicted! And its time to PAY.'

Addicted To Lucyanne

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