2nd Lesson with Mom

2nd Lesson with Mom

Lovely Lilith - 2nd Lesson with Mom

2nd Lesson with Mom

So, I have to say, I'm disappointed in what I've been hearing. You're suddenly the big shot at school, huh? Ever since our little lesson, you've been going around showing all the girls your special skills?Look, I'm happy that you can make those girls satisfied, but let's not kid ourselves. They're girls. And there's nothing to be proud of in satisfying them. You need to know how to please a real woman. And honey, you're just not there yet.,Excuse me? You think I'm wrong?Okay, fine. You think you can last more than a minute with me? I bet you can't. In fact, I'll prove it. You can't handle a real woman.
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2nd Lesson with Mom

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