3 Inch Wee Wee

3 Inch Wee Wee

buy phentermine 37.5 online canada My Little Princess Ellie - 3 Inch Wee Wee

3 Inch Wee Wee

You bought me a new pair of athletic pants and yourself a pair to match. I tell you to try yours own and when you drop your pants I can't help but notice your little 1 inch softy. I ask you if that's hard and you say no. Some men are growers and not showers. I come over to you and stroke your dick wanting to see the potential. I end up disappointed with your fully erect 3 inches. Why, it's no bigger than the lip gloss in my pocket! With a penis that size, there's just no way I can date you anymore. I'd waited to have sex with you but now I regret not knowing sooner. With a tiny penie like that, I just can't do this. I could do more with this pen in my hand than I could with your pee pee... Curious though, how big are your squirt loads? A dicklet that size can't make a decent load can it? Let's see! Tug that wee wee for me!
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3 Inch Wee Wee

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